Grandma's Collection

Grandma's Collection

Acid Orange

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Grandma's Collection

Caribbean Kush

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Grandma's Collection

Fruit Basket

Grandma's Collection

Grandma’s Punch

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What others say about us

“Excellent work. Very good genetics, I love watching her grow and how she alleviated my depressions. Especially the banana. Congratulations!”


“Great genetics, incredible growth and smell. Love the Banana Joe from the taste, THANKS!”

– Elissa G.

“The Banana Joe is strong and the overall smell went from a fresh fruit basket to bits of these sweet black spots on old bananas. She is banana to the power of – another banana.”


Acid Orange & Critical Cake

“I could see the passion you all had for your work and those are things I look for in a distributor.

I am definitely satisfied and have recommended your flowers to many of my closest friends and family! Keep doing what you’re doing 🙂 “

– Chad R.

Grandma’s Punch – “..Way more important, in my opinion, is that none of the plants showed any problems with mold, diseases or even hermaphrodites even though they were met with rather tough conditions.

A really vigorous and reliable strain with outstanding bag-appeal and sweet, spicy and fruity kush-aromas.”

– Tim B.

Critical Cake – “Definitely more frost with a skunky smell and taste, with a few hints of vanilla in some. Potency was perfect, love a good indica stone.

..overall fantastic flavour and smoke. Really nice and compact flowers aswell, i would do them again..”

– Tim M.

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