About Us

Grandma’s Genetics is a mix of passionate breeders and other creative minds, including family and friends, who all put down their first roots in their grandmothers’ gardens and therefore simply love working with the plant.

Over the years, Grandma’s Genetics has selected the best and most interesting cultivars. After numerous tests on their stability under various indoor and outdoor conditions, they have been crossed with other varieties or already related ones to consolidate certain characteristics and properties of resistance. The resulting generations are now anchored and stored in seed form.

Grandma’s Genetics stands for unique varieties for young and old. For people who have just started to familiarize themselves with the plant and of course for all those who have already spent many years with it.

It has always been important to Grandmother to offer only stable genetics. Genetics that also work without a lot of work, so they are easy to handle for beginners and older people. Most Grandma’s Genetics varieties are stable F1 hybrid or poly-hybrid varieties.

Quality comes first at Grandma’s Genetics, which means that the seeds are selected by hand and handled with the utmost care. 100% handmade!

Be like a seed. Be unique.
-Love, Grandma