About Us

Grandma’s Genetics is a mixture of passionate breeders and other creative minds, including family and friends, who have all begun to take their first roots in their grandmothers’ gardens and therefore love to work in agriculture. Over the years the best and most interesting phenotypes have been selected to pollinate and maintain the gene pool of cannabis seeds.

In collaboration with some Spanish friends, Grandma’s Genetics has collected small batches of seeds from their favorite varieties.

Our mission is to select unique strains for young and old. For people who just started becoming more familiar with the plant, and of course to all those who have already spent many years with it. It’s very important for us to offer only stable genetics. Genetics that work out even without a lot of work, so they are easy for beginners and older persons.

Most Grandma’s Genetics are stable F1 hybrids or Poly hybrids. You can also find numerous backcrosses and CBD landraces in our assortment. Landraces have a short pedigree and are therefore still the best candidates for stabilization.

As mentioned above, the quality of our genetics is very important to us which means that they are treated with care and the seeds are selected by hand to ensure a clean creation.


Be like a seed. Be unique.
-Love, Grandma