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Welcome to Grandma’s Blog

Nice of you to stop by…

The time has come. After many years of selecting and developing our own varieties with the website.

It is important to us to start small but nice. As most of you already know, it is important for us to take you on a journey so that you understand the passion we share with you as best as possible and you may even learn something on the side.

The material that is published here in the blog is for educational and informational purposes only.

Be like a seed. Be unique.

Grandma’s Journal will try to explain certain “ground basics”, such as certain characteristics of the plant, what they are and which processes take place within the plant in which phase. Additionally there are always some personal notes to round off the whole thing and not to keep it stiff.

Take life easy and enjoy your days on this beautiful planet which is gradually being destroyed more and more.
This is one of the reasons why our genetics are so important to us. It serves exclusively to maintain the gene pool, which is our right as a human being, that it will be maintained.

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