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About our relationship with Pilchard’s

Pilchard’s is a group of friends who appreciate life on the South Coast as much as we do. When we met at an event one day, we knew we shared the same mindset. To select good genetics and provide them to the community.

Trust is hard, especially in a market that is only slowly establishing itself. We are happy to know the guys and trust them with our genetics. With them, it is in the best hands.

If you’d like to find out more about our collaboration with Pilchard’s Caviar, feel free to check out the Pilchard’s blog article. Click here

For the lazy readers, you can also listen to a podcast with @Stoner.Bazaar on Pilchard’s AnchorFM. Click here

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Our International network allows us access to hundreds of breeders and crosses. It was a lot of pleasure but work nevertheless. In several years, we have carefully selected our favourites from these varieties.

– Pilchard’s Caviar

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